Bucher Wines

I was chatting with some friends earlier this week and one of them asked about any new wineries I’ve been introduced to lately. Typically I spend most of my wine country time in Sonoma, but I have been trying to expand my adventuring lately. So, when asked this question on new wineries I immediately reflected back on my recent trip to Bucher Wines new tasting room at Grand Cru Custom Crush in Windsor, CA. It was a blast and a new area for me to explore!


Just about a month ago I hopped into the car and cruised up to to Windsor, CA to attend an event with Bucher Wines to showcase their new tasting room at Grand Cru Custom Crush.  What’s really cool about Grand Cru Custom Crush is not only does Bucher Wines do tastings here, but there are several various wineries that make their wines here and offer tastings too. Obviously as we toured the facility there was plenty of incredible wine to enjoy.


As I arrived to the venue I was greeted by Emily, from Emily Martin Events, and Diane and John Bucher. We sipped on our glass of rosé while touring all the facility, and ended up at our tasting area. It was a gorgeous space that could host approximately 8-10 people. The garage-style front door opened up to let the fresh air swarm the room. It was the perfect setting for our tasting. This space is available for tastings by Bucher Wines, as well as all other wineries located at Grand Cru Custom Crush.

After enjoying a taste of several different wines (the Rio Oro Chardonnay was my favorite!) we switched up the scenery and headed over to the Bucher Vineyards in Healdsburg for a picturesque lunch. Upon arrival I learned that the Bucher brand extends further than wine. There is also Bucher Farms! They provide Clover Sonoma organic milk from their 800+ milking cows. I thought this was SUPER cool. If you know me, you know I love cows. I almost shrieked with excitement when John Bucher brought out our surprise guest, baby cow Emilio! (Fun fact – we named him after our gracious hostesses, Emily Martin. Emily and Emilio almost share the same birthday).  


The day wrapped up after lunch, and after a play session with the Bucher’s adorable puppy Maggie! A day full of wine, cows, and dogs, I was certainly living my best life.35460114_10212075843026476_481824072808792064_n I’d highly recommend checking out these wines and doing a tasting at the new tasting room at Grand Cru Custom Crush. You can book an appointment here, and if you do make sure to say you’re a follower of MakSnacks for a special surprise!


I’m heading to Maine next week, so stay tuned to hear about my lobster devouring experiences next!




P.S. HUGE shoutout to Viera Photographics for taking incredible photos at this event 🙂 

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