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I am definitely a pizza person. And I’m not one of those people that only like cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza, not that there is any issue if you are one of those people. I love to try anything on pizza. Living in SF I feel like I am exposed to SO MANY wonderful pizza places. My most recent pizza discovery was Zero Zero over in SOMA. The first thing that made me a huge fan was the fact that I could walk to it from my house. Yes, I am one of those snobs that is bias towards places I can easily get to from my house. We all know the struggle of commuting around SF.

ANYWAY, I headed on over to Zero Zero for an evening of delicious food, drinks, and dessert. Wait until to hear about the dessert below. It was incredible. I knew that the pizza here was supposed to be terrific, but I wasn’t aware at how many other options they have on their menu. We started off with some Marinated Italian Olives, Hamachi Poke Crudo, Brussels Sprouts, and Taleggio Stuffed Arancini. I could have eat the Arancini all night. If you haven’t had this before, you need to now. I tried to not stuff myself full of food because I knew we still had two more courses to go. The second course was filled with two different salad options. There was a Caesar Salad and a Baby Kale Salad.

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Ok, so the first two courses were great, but these next two were freaking amazing!!! We were presented with three different pizzas, and then three pasta dishes – gnocchi, spaghettoni amatriciana, and Fettuccini. The pizzas were divine. I managed to sneak home some slices of the Filmore Pizza to eat the next day (Fun fact- it’s almost just as good heated up the next day hehe!) 

After stuffing my face full of pizza and pasta we moved on to our fourth and final course – dessert! Not sure how many of you already know this, I didn’t, but Zero Zero has a build your own sundae bar. Come on, any restaurant that has this should be on everyone’s radar. It was so cool! We loaded brownies, sauces, and other various toppings on top of our ice cream. Not only was it extremely tasty, but super fun to make. I’m obsessed with this as a dessert option. 


The evening was a incredible. A huge thanks to Emily Martin Events for hosting such a beautiful gathering. I probably gained at least five pounds being there, but it was worth it! Check back to the blog to hear about my next adventure soon.