A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a dinner with Keller Estate Winery hosted at Belga. The event was hosted in the beautiful back room at Belga, and was filled with wine, food, and bloggers! An event is always off to a good start when you get greeted at the door with a glass of sparkling wine 🙂

During the beginning we were able to share oysters, crudites, cheese, and fries. All these were paired with delicious wines from Keller Estate. If I had to pick just one wine from the evening, I would say that the Keller State Chardonnay was my favorite. I sipped on this while enjoying my oysters and fries. (Fun fact – I freaking LOVE french fries, and the ones at Belga are some of the BEST in SF).

Before the food started rolling out we had a chance to hear from Ana Keller. She is the daughter of Arturo Keller. It was so nice she was able to join us and to hear more about her journey with Keller Estate. She shared so much knowledge with us, and it was clear she lives with so much passion for Keller Estate.

We had a great time chatting while enjoying many courses of delicious food. We had mussels, croquettes, flatbreads, rotisserie chicken, and veggies on the side. Oh, and obviously there was dessert – chocolate and an amazing strawberry custard dish. Anytime I am at an event I always have the problem of wanting to stuff my face with every dish LOL… I am trying to be better at simply tasting each thing so I don’t get too full. I thought the chicken was cooked perfectly!


Throughout the dinner we were able to sip on carefully selected wines from Keller Estate. It was very informative to hear why each wine was paired with each dish. At the end of the event I was lucky enough to take home a bag fill of treats – wine, olive oil, and soaps. I hope I am able to venture up to Keller Estate soon to explore their property and try some more yummy wines! Thank you to Emily Martin and the Belga team for hosting a beautiful event!




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