Wine and chocolate, what a wonderful pair. Use these two words together and you’re sure to get my attention. You know, I like to drink wine but I’ll admit I don’t know much about it. I’m not great at guessing what fruits or flavors are used to make the perfect glass. But hey, isn’t that sort of what wine tastings are for? To further your knowledge of wine? Any who, that’s how I see them and why I like them so much.

Last week I was able to check out Cameron Hughes wine. This guy was super cool and his concept is great. The philosophy of the company is “great wine doesn’t have to be expensive.” How true! Now keep in mind that they don’t own any vineyards. They work on finding the BEST wines and figuring out the best price. It makes it so I can go and buy a $100 cab for $25 if I want. Cool right? 

Over the course of the event I was able to try seven different wines.  

Genet Brut Esprit Champagne, $29 This is a ‘Friends of Cam” wine. Not ours, but available on chwine.com

Lot 411 Moscato d’Asti, $13

Lot 529 Santa Maria Chardonnay, $14

Lot 539 Oregon Pinot Noir, $13

Lot 508 Los Carneros Syrah, $19

Lot 575 Washington State Red Blend, $16

Lot 606 Rutherford (Napa Valley) Cabernet Sauvignon, $29

My top three favs were the Chardonnay, the Moscato, and the Pinot Noir. The Moscato had me wishing it was a warm summer day and I was out on the boat. This would make the perfect summer drink for me.


Following the tasting was a special announcement. Cameron Hughes is partnering up with Christopher Elbow Chocolates for a Valentine’s Day treat! They are pairing a nine piece chocolate set different wine options. (Fun fact – ordering starts January 31st so you can have it in time for V Day. Check out their gift page for more deets! You best believe I have already sent this info over to the bf…. I am trying to make it easy for him!) These chocolates are super delish too. I was sent a box as a thank you gift at work and they were a hit! My team and I spent the afternoon trying all their unique flavors.
I’m not too sure what I will be doing for V Day yet. I’ve been dropping hints about a weekend in Napa 😉 who knows if the bf has actually caught on to these hints. Stay tuned to hear what I end up doing. And if you haven’t started planning your V Day yet, don’t worry. I just gave you the perfect gift!