Pizza, Pizza, Pizza.

Pizza is easily on my top five favorite foods, along with popcorn, sushi, burgers, and donuts. Actually, maybe I have six. Pancakes are another favorite of mine. ANYWAY… I was delighted to check out Jersey on Second Street in San Francisco. jerseyThis place captures Mitchell and Steven Rosenthal’s childhood through their diverse menu serving pizzas, pastas, salads, and more! (Fun Fact: These brothers have created a SOMA empire consisting of Town Hall, Salt House, and Anchor & Hope. Def check them out!)

This invite was particularly special. It was a smaller more intimate group that allowed me to catch up with old friends, and better get to know new friends. We dropped our bags and headed on over to the kitchen for a sneak preview at the Rosenthal brothers tossing a pie… HA, like my pizza lingo? My stomach started growling while we were watching all this food being prepped. Little did I know, we had 13 dishes coming our way. I didn’t know I could eat 13 dishes!

Here is the skinny on what I liked the most.

1) MEATBALLS – I am sure you’ve all seen my meatball post by now. If you haven’t, check it out on my Insta. I LOVE meatballs, and boy were these good. I wish that I could make these myself, but I am a beyond terrible cook. Out of all the appetizers and salads we had this one was my fav.

2) LASAGNA – Who doesn’t love a good lasagna? When I left this dinner I
hopped on the phone with a friend and ranted for at least five minutes about how much I like lasagna. Def heading back to Jersey for when I have a craving.

3) TAYLOR PORK ROLL – A pizza with pork, fried egg, mozzarella, and provolone is divine. This heavily dish was amazing. Although I am still a little unsure what exactly Taylor Pork is, I love it! After inhaling this pizza (along with three others) I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle dessert.

4) BOTH – Honestly, I couldn’t pick between these if I had too. We had a cannoli with vanilla bean ricotta saved chocolate, and Three Twins Ice Cream with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Can’t say I’ve ever had ice cream with olive oil, but heck yes I would do it again.

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All jokes aside, I was so full after this meal that I couldn’t eat again until the following afternoon. I’m not sure if I have ever eaten that much in one sitting before. I think Jersey is a hidden gem in SF and that it should be on people’s lists to check out. I found it nice that they aren’t JUST a pizza place. There is so much more on that menu has to offer.

I’ve been doing a ton of eating lately and have a bunch more exciting events coming up. If there are any suggestions of places I should check out, feel free to comment them below! Stay tuned to see a recap of what I am up to. For right now, I’m headed over to Ritual Hot Yoga to get my sweat on. This place is how I can afford to eat so much without gaining a million pounds! 🙂