Often times I get asked the question, what is my favorite restaurant? Each time I return the question with another question, for what type of food? I have favorite brunch places, dinner places, on-the-go lunch places, and bars. It is a fully loaded question. There is rarely a time when one places comes to mind for brunch, lunch, dinner, and/or drinks. However, there is one spot in the Marina that ALWAYS pops into my mind when searching for a fun place to go, Palm House.

Need a cocktail or punch bowl? Palm House. Need an easy place to grab a filling dinner? Palm House. Need a trendy and sociable brunch spot? Palm House. It is definitely a weekend go-to of mine.

I was invited to Palm house to experience their NEW seasonal menu from Chef Brenen Bonetti. He did an incredible job wowing me with each bite! I walked in to a beautifully decorate table with colorful punch bowls, adorable place cards, and several little rubber duckies. (Fun Fact: Palm House serves several drinks filled with rubber duckies. These cute little guys even have a name – Donald Palmer!)punch-bowl

Once I got over snapping pics of my festive place setting it was time to start enjoying the food. YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! The menu was split into four different sections – snacks, entrees, sides, and dessert. The coconut prawns – DAMN they are delicious. Coconut prawns are not typically a dish I would choose to order, but Chef Brenen knows how to make these tasty AF. I followed this with a fried chicken slider. Whoever invented these deserves a reward for a couple reasons – 1) they are the perfect size and easy to eat, 2) the mango-chipotle bbq sauce was on point, and 3) they are so full of flavor! Sliders are one of my favorite foods so I am extremely picky on which ones I actually like.

Anyway, I continued to stuff my face with some mac&cheese, Brussels sprouts, and several other items (check out my pics to see the goods). I enjoyed a few more cocktails, from punch bowls to margaritas to watermelon Food Spread.jpgcocktails. I was getting quite full when it was time for dessert. It came out and I knew there was no saying no. They
brought out delicious beignets and these huge ice cream cookie sandwiches! Yes, I definitely tried both. Needless to say I left feeling stuffed.

I highly recommend giving Palm House a try! You will definitely see me there again. I’ve got some travel coming up this month, so make sure to stay tuned to what states I’m eating my way through.