Sausalito is an amazing place! Typically my foodie adventures happen all around San Francisco, but this time I was lucky enough to hop on the ferry and head on over to Sausalito. My two stops were at Poggio Trattoria and Copita Tequileria Y Comidac5311b9e-f5fd-4307-a8d3-fd5472da2fbf.

First off, the ferry was beautiful! I need to start taking that more. It was a quick trip on over and the first restaurant, Poggio Trattoria, was just a few steps away from the ferry dock.

The waitstaff here was incredible. They really know how to make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. Right after I sat down our waiter came over with the drink menu. Before this I didn’t know what a negroni was, but boy do I know now. The server handed me a menu with at least 6 different negroni options. (Fun fact: they are known for their creative take on a negroni and it was the beginning of National Negroni Week, lucky us!) The food was bomb! My favorite was the pizza. Oh my gosh, this is the perfect place to sit outside with a great view and enjoy some freshly made pizza. YUM!


After eating everything placed in front of us we headed over to Copita to enjoy some trendy Mexican food and drinks. My favorite item on their menu were the tacos. They were delicious! I also was overjoyed with their margaritas as well. Copita sure knows how to make a great drink!

The ambiance here for was great. It was a beautiful day and our large party got to sit in the perfect spot. It was so much fun! 13322086_10206793157962651_565574912403156374_n

After this foodie adventure I’ve now realized I need to start heading back to Sausalito to explore their food scene. These two restaurants will definitely make it on my “return to” list so I can enjoy another margarita or pizza! 🙂 Stay tuned for my next adventure!



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