And this little piggy went to {One} Market,  and boy did she have a great time! Last Thursday Andrew Freeman & Co. put together a killer event that gave a sneak peek at Chef Mark’s amazing butchery skills and unique preparations of pork. 6d26fc16-fcc9-4825-9d9f-d6855cfbf2f9

If you’ve never been to One Market, it’s a stunning restaurant right near the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco. There are so many things to rave about here – the ambiance, the service, the location, and obviously the food! The Chef’s Table in the back was gorg! It was such a special place to enjoy this dinner. (Fun fact – you can enjoy dinner at One Market’s Chef Table too! See the deets here)

So here’s the scoop – One Market does a Weekend Beast Series which showcases unique preparations of a different meat each week. Last weekends menu featured pork and we received a special preview of what that menu would look like. Our menu had me drooling within seconds.
The dishes included Goat Cheese Panna Cotta, Slow Cooked Wild King Salmon, Smoked Pork Belly, Roasted Pork Roulade, and Bacon Profiteroles. And of course with great food came great wine!

Obviously I’m all about great food, but something One Market does to set themselves apart is their presentation! I mean, check out that Panna Cotta dish and that dessert dish, BEAUTIFUL!

You know Andrew Freeman & Co. put together a fabulous guest list when we spent hours eating, laughing, and blogging the night away. I left the event with an extremely happy belly, some wonderful new friends, and an awesome new date night spot to show my guy! 77286bbc-6ac0-49d3-a37d-8403b7d8ae7e

For those wondering about my next foodie adventure, I’ll be jumping on the ferry this weekend to try out some jamming spots in Sausalito. Check back here next week to read all about it or peek at my Instagram @MakSnacks for some live updates!