YUM YUM YUM! ff2e396f-6251-4890-9827-3e86fc5fb2bb

This past week I was lucky to attend the Press Review and Opening Celebration of Lemonade at Yerba Buena! This AMAZING restaurant started in LA and serves a colorful spread of seasonal foods in a cafeteria setting or as grab&go. The Yerba Beuna location opened up yesterday, May 5th!

At the event my guest and I were greeted with our choice of beer, wine, or a mimosa made with blood orange or blueberry mint lemonade 🙂 I obviously went for the mimosa,  and I paired it with the blood orange lemonade. Lemonade’s chef, Alan Jackson, was there to mix and mingle giving us the lowdown on Lemonade and how he got into the food industry.

Once we made it to the food line our mouths were watering. The options were marketplace salads, hot portions, land and sea options, sandwiches, desserts, and of course the lemonade! (Fun fact – you don’t need to feel pressured into getting one type of lemonade, they are more than happy to mix and match!) Being easily overwhelmed by all the options, my guest and I decided to divide and conquer. Together we were able to take something from each of the categories above. My favorite was the Avocado Salmon Louie with grapefruit segments and a pickled cucumber. Without a doubt, this dish will work its way into my weekly lunch rotation.

After we picked through the main dishes we decided to attack our desserts – coconut cake, three different macarons, and a blueberry lemon tart. The macarons were pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate. Each one was the size of my entire hand!


It was so nice being able to get a sneak peak at all Lemonade has to offer, as well as catch up with some of my foodie friends. We ended the night by receiving our adorable gift bags filled with a Lemonade cookbook and adorable salt & pepper shakers. Andrew Freeman & Co. did a fantastic job with the guest list and Lemonade served up a fun night of entertainment and food. I can’t wait to venture down Mission Street with co-workers to grab a bite at Lemonade-Yerba Buena for lunch! If you haven’t already, check them out on Instagram:@Lemonadela. Now it’s time for the weekend, and we all know what that means – BRUNCH!