Tonight I sit here reflecting on the last few days that I have spent juicing. Damn, I am proud of myself! Thanks to Suja Juice I was able to complete my first juice cleanse and it actually wasn’t too painful! Suja-Juice-Logo-EPS-vector-image

Day One – Monday

Not sure if I picked the best day to begin this 3-day Fresh Start cleanse. I had spent the weekend chowing down on chips and salsa, cookies, an occasional piece of fruit, and more Chinese food than one would imagine possible. Clearly I didn’t follow the recommended directions of eliminating coffee, sugar, white flour, and alcohol a few days prior. Sipping on a mint, fruit, and veggie juice to start my day didn’t sound as good as my normal breakfast of coffee and cheerios.

Uncertainty was the only emotion that I really felt about this whole juice cleanse thing. I was skeptical if they would actually taste good and if I would feel full throughout the day. Day one erased all of my doubts. I enjoyed each of the juices I tasted and was easily able to avoid foods outside of the cleanse. Six juices later and I was finished with day one!


Day Two – Tuesday

Walking into work on Tuesday I was ready to go, or so I thought. The morning was easy, but along came one o’clock all I wanted was a bag of salty Pop Chips or a cheese stick. I was desperate for something to munch on. I hate to admit it, but I cheated and ate a handful of almonds to cure my cravings.The rest of the day 1372f0ea-e196-4be8-b86b-fa4848916410I drank the three juices I had left – Reef, Green Supreme, and Blue Dream. The dessert one, Blue Dream, was my favorite. This juice included apple, almond milk, blueberry, water, chia seed, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. I promise this will satisfy any cravings for a sweet treat after
dinner. Suja Juice definitely knows how to make a tasty juice (fun fact – they even make juices to pair along with a Moscow Mule, YUM).

Day Three – Wednesday

Day three, my last day, was the easiest and best day of the whole cleanse. I woke up early to workout feeling extremely refreshed and energized. Throughout the day I felt amazing. I drank all six of my juices, finishing my last one about 10 minutes ago. I’m now left here wishing I had more for tomorrow. Never did I think I’d be so satisfied from a juice. I mean, come on, you’ve seen my Instagram. I clearly love eating all foods that I can get my hands on, and juice isn’t regularly one of them. My juicing experience was a success.

I need to extend a HUGE thank you to Suja Juice for sponsoring my juice cleanse! This is not something c5b6509b-9b4a-43b1-b238-8e49199ef16aI ever imagined trying, let alone liking this much. The Fresh Start cleanse (3 or 5 day) is something I can see myself doing a few times a year simply to reset and rejuvenate my body. I felt great doing this juice cleanse and recommend it for anyone to try. Tomorrow I’m off for my next foodie adventure. Wish me luck as I slowly integrate foods back into my diet – I’m sure you’ll see a post about it!



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