Tonight I sit here reflecting on the last few days that I have spent juicing. Damn, I am proud of myself! Thanks to Suja Juice I was able to complete my first juice cleanse and it actually wasn’t too painful! Suja-Juice-Logo-EPS-vector-image

Day One – Monday

Not sure if I picked the best day to begin this 3-day Fresh Start cleanse. I had spent the weekend chowing down on chips and salsa, cookies, an occasional piece of fruit, and more Chinese food than one would imagine possible. Clearly I didn’t follow the recommended directions of eliminating coffee, sugar, white flour, and alcohol a few days prior. Sipping on a mint, fruit, and veggie juice to start my day didn’t sound as good as my normal breakfast of coffee and cheerios.

Uncertainty was the only emotion that I really felt about this whole juice cleanse thing. I was skeptical if they would actually taste good and if I would feel full throughout the day. Day one erased all of my doubts. I enjoyed each of the juices I tasted and was easily able to avoid foods outside of the cleanse. Six juices later and I was finished with day one!


Day Two – Tuesday

Walking into work on Tuesday I was ready to go, or so I thought. The morning was easy, but along came one o’clock all I wanted was a bag of salty Pop Chips or a cheese stick. I was desperate for something to munch on. I hate to admit it, but I cheated and ate a handful of almonds to cure my cravings.The rest of the day 1372f0ea-e196-4be8-b86b-fa4848916410I drank the three juices I had left – Reef, Green Supreme, and Blue Dream. The dessert one, Blue Dream, was my favorite. This juice included apple, almond milk, blueberry, water, chia seed, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. I promise this will satisfy any cravings for a sweet treat after
dinner. Suja Juice definitely knows how to make a tasty juice (fun fact – they even make juices to pair along with a Moscow Mule, YUM).

Day Three – Wednesday

Day three, my last day, was the easiest and best day of the whole cleanse. I woke up early to workout feeling extremely refreshed and energized. Throughout the day I felt amazing. I drank all six of my juices, finishing my last one about 10 minutes ago. I’m now left here wishing I had more for tomorrow. Never did I think I’d be so satisfied from a juice. I mean, come on, you’ve seen my Instagram. I clearly love eating all foods that I can get my hands on, and juice isn’t regularly one of them. My juicing experience was a success.

I need to extend a HUGE thank you to Suja Juice for sponsoring my juice cleanse! This is not something c5b6509b-9b4a-43b1-b238-8e49199ef16aI ever imagined trying, let alone liking this much. The Fresh Start cleanse (3 or 5 day) is something I can see myself doing a few times a year simply to reset and rejuvenate my body. I felt great doing this juice cleanse and recommend it for anyone to try. Tomorrow I’m off for my next foodie adventure. Wish me luck as I slowly integrate foods back into my diet – I’m sure you’ll see a post about it!



A Little Sunday Funday


This hashtag had been on my mind for a couple weeks after receiving an invite from Lisa Nourse PR to attend Sprig Sunday Funday. San Francisco foodie’s gathered to enjoy fresh food by Sprig, sweet treats from Jane, mimosas provided by Project Juice, and a DIY floral workshop taught by FarmGirl Flowers. Needless to say, when you get a group of food bloggers together it is bound to be a blast, and an excellent opportunity to snap the perfect picture.


I spent the afternoon nomming away with my new foodie friends learning tips and tricks on how to take the perfect picture and create a flawless post. Sprig’s Billy Blaustein, in charge of Expansion, Operations & Growth, was kind enough to come in to speak about their growth plan and the exciting partnerships they have put into place this year – Hello Project Juice & Jane!

The event ended with a DIY floral workshop taught by FarmGirl Flowers. (Fun Fact: They promise to purchase, design, and sell 100% American grown flowers).  We awed while our instructor Jayne effortlessly threw together a beautiful arrangement within minutes. I believe we all learned a valuable lesson that us foodies should stick with arranging food images over floral bouquets. We tried our best 🙂


As I said goodbye to my new friends I scooped up my party bag full of desserts, grabbed my (some-what) beautiful bouquet, and headed to my next foodie adventure at Off The Grid – Presidio Picnic!